WYS Night At The Revs! - Saturday May 2nd

Revolution vs. NY Red Bulls


Saturday, May 2nd

Kickoff: 7:30 PM

Gilette Stadium


*****Special Pricing*****

Category III Seating 

Only $18/each

(Face Value $27 each)



Join your family and friends at the Wrentham

Soccer Night at the Revs as they take on the NYRB in an Eastern Conference Finals Rematch!


WYS New Coaching Partnership with MYS


A major kick forward.....


Massachusetts Youth Soccer (MYS) is the only official representative of US Soccer in Massachusetts. They exist solely to promote and enhance the game of soccer for every child in the state and to encourage the healthy development of those players both on and off the field. Simply put, your kids are our business.


MYS operate a wide variety of popular player and coach development programs. They mentor town and club organizations and strive to help each organization develop their own programs and become self-sufficient in the areas of player and coach development. Their aim is not to take ownership of the organization’s player development program but rather to help set-up, organize, implement and supervise the program.

The possibilities for WYS are endless because MYS has tailored their program specifically for WYS needs. Every Player Development Program also has a Coach Education component. As they train your players, they train your coaches. WYS has decided to appoint MYS to run its player development in the fall. We don't expect to see results overnight and may take a few season of this strategy to bear fruit. So please be patient as the goal is to improve the soccer level for all kids.


WYS Philosophy


1.      WYS runs a recreational soccer program committed to providing boys and girls of Wrentham, MA the opportunity to learn, play and appreciate the game of soccer, as well as provide an atmosphere for children to learn sportsmanship, respect and fair play.

2.      Competition should always be healthy and enjoyable for all and that well being and development of players ALWAYS take precedence over the win/loss record.

3.      Place trust in the player- soccer is a player’s game. We have to place our trust in our players to make the correct decisions on game day.  (It takes at least 10 years to create a player and over 10,000 hour is the accepted norm for the time it takes for anyone to become a master in their field, (It won’t happen overnight or in one season.)

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