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Rice Complex, Wrentham MA

All soccer fields (front and back fields) are open. (Last updated 4/16) 

WYS Philosophy


1.      WYS runs a recreational soccer program committed to providing boys and girls of Wrentham, MA the opportunity to learn, play and appreciate the game of soccer, as well as provide an atmosphere for children to learn sportsmanship, respect and fair play.

2.      Competition should always be healthy and enjoyable for all and that well being and development of players ALWAYS take precedence over the win/loss record.

3.      Place trust in the player- soccer is a player’s game. We have to place our trust in our players to make the correct decisions on game day.  (It takes at least 10 years to create a player and over 10,000 hour is the accepted norm for the time it takes for anyone to become a master in their field, (It won’t happen overnight or in one season.)

Player Placement


Evaluation Process for 2014 and Q&A’s

2014 Placement is scheduled for Sunday, June 22th  2014 for WYS Travel soccer  More info to follow

Coaches Expectations & Responsibilities


Below is a basic  list of what WYS expects from a WYS coach.   


1.   Always exemplify honesty, integrity, fair play, and sportsmanship regardless of the impact you might have on the outcome of the competition.

2.      Maintain a professional demeanor in your relationship with players, parent’s referees, opposing coaches and treat them with respect and dignity.

3.      Accept that you do serve as role models and there must be congruency between their actions and words. Should be an example of dignity, patience and positive spirit.

4.     Strive to ensure ALL WYS players on the roster play at least half a game.

5.     Players need to be rotated into different positions throughout the season with the goal to build an all-round player that knows the skills needed for each position (offence/defense/midfield). 6.     Have at least 4-6 players that rotate through the goalie position throughout the season.

7.      Follow BAYS Zero Tolerance and Code of Conduct

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