Name: The organization shall be called Wrentham Youth Soccer, Inc. herein referred to as W.Y.S.

Objective and Philosophy: The objective of W.Y.S. is to provide the opportunity for boys and girls to learn the game of soccer through the development of individual skills, fitness, teamwork, and fair play. W.Y.S. is to provide an atmosphere of good sportsmanship within which the players and team can compete, learn and enjoy the game of soccer. In this spirit, all teams, coaches, managers and players shall conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, and shall cooperate with the letter and the spirit of the rules and bylaws.

Governing Body: The governing body of W.Y.S. will be the executive board, hereafter referred to as the board, which shall consist of the following seven members; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Training Director and Head Referee. Officers of the board shall be elected to a three year term with no individual serving more than two consecutive terms. Only one member of the board of directors of W.Y.S. is allowed to coach a team entered in the Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) program. An exception to the policy is if there are no parent volunteers for a given team and every parent on the team in question has been contacted directly by the board and given the opportunity to coach. Then another board member may be considered for this coaching position.

Rules: Current FIFA, USSF, USYSA, M.Y.S.A. and BAYS rules shall be in effect except as specifically stated otherwise in these bylaws.

Participants: The primary intent of W.Y.S. is to provide both intra-town and inter-town competition; the primary requirement for the team play at all levels is town residency. If a roster cannot be satisfied from within the town of Wrentham, adjacent towns (Norfolk and Plainville) with board approval may fill such roster vacancies.

League Makeup: The league shall be subdivided into playing sections according to age and divisional levels of competition as provided by these bylaws.

Inter-town (B.A.Y.S.): Age groups shall be as follows where all players on a roster shall be under the specified age before the first day of August preceding the start of the season: Under 19, 17, 16, 14, 12 & 10 years of age. There shall be no exceptions for players older than the specified ages.

Teams: Teams will consist of separate boys and girls. The only exception will be if a boys roster cannot be filled with all boys within that age group and enough extra boys and girls are eligible to form a team. Girls will then be allowed to play on this team. In this event the coed team will compete in a boys league.

Player Placement:

B.A.Y.S. U-10


  1. Teams will be chosen based upon both age and talent.
  2. Starting age will be 8 years old by July 31. 
  3. Maximum roster will be 11 players 
  4. There will be placements held. 
  5. Divisional placement will be based upon skill level.
  6. Coach selection will be made by the Board of Directors.


B.A.Y.S. U-12


  1. Teams will be chosen based upon both AGE and TALENT. 
  2. No child from under 10 will be accepted at this level. 
  3. There will be placements held.
  4. Divisional placement will be based upon skill level.
  5. Coach selection will be made by the Board of Directors.


Roster Sizes: Teams playing 11 v 11 during the season shall be limited to 15 players. Teams playing 6 v 6 shall be limited to 11 players. Exceptions for placement and for rostering over the roster limit will be considered with proper justification by the Board of Directors.

Intra-Town: Shall consist of teams based upon grade as follows: "AB" Division grades 5,6, 7 & 8. "C" Division grades 3 & 4. "D" Division grades 1 & 2 and "K" Kindergarten

Registration: Affiliation - all players and all persons who may be designated as responsible for a team including coaches, managers and any one substituting for them, must be currently affiliated with the W.Y.S. organization. This complete affiliation must be done before a team may play. Memberships shall become effective when the applications are accepted by the W.Y.S. Board of Directors. The board will establish annually, the registration fees and will provide this information for the upcoming season. All registrations received after the last announced sing-up shall be accessed a late fee of $10.00.

Uniforms and Equipment: Equipment consists of a uniform shirt which shall have clearly legible unique numbers at least 6 inches high, stockings, shin guards, shorts and shoes which may be either sneakers or soccer shoes meeting FIFA requirements, Uniform shirts and stockings will be the responsibility of the league. All other equipment including specified color of shorts shall be the responsibility of the player. No team may play without shirts. Goalkeepers must wear colors which, in the referees judgment distinguished them from other players, from each other and the referee. Shin guards must be properly worn when the player is on the playing field. Shin guards must be properly worn with socks covering the shin guard. Articles which constitute a danger to a player or to other players must be removed, i.e. jewelry, earrings, watches, barrettes, chains, belts, head covering with any visor or protrusions, etc. Medic alert bracelets or necklaces must be securely taped in place. Players with casts or splints, even padded, or with exposed and unpadded metal on orthopedic braces cannot play.

Game Times: The Board of Directors will establish annually the playing times for each group and will provide this information to the commissioners.

Officials: A referee will be provided for each game. Two additional referees will be required as linesmen where required by the bylaws. For these games, the referees will be paid on a schedule established annually by the Board. The two linesmen will not be paid. It will be the responsibility of each team to provide a linesmen before the start of each game.

Referee Support: Before, during and after the game, all persons responsible for the team shall support the referee and shall maintain control and discipline over the team and its spectators. This does not prejudice their right to protest, in the proper manner, after the game. In the case of non-compliance with the bylaw, the referee may caution or eject any responsible person and the situation will be referred to the Board for appropriate action.

Fracas: If a player leaves the bench to take part in a fracas and is ejected by the referee, he or she shall be suspended for the remainder of the season.

Unbecoming Conduct: If a member or members of a team, any person responsible for the team or a team's spectator engage in unbecoming conduct before, during or after a game, the W.Y.S. Board of Directors may ban them from any further participation in league activities.

Duties of Directors:

President: Person responsible for the general supervision of the organization in the performance of it's business. He/She shall prepare an agenda and preside at all W.Y.S. meetings. The president shall ensure the Vice President is exposed to all aspects of the organization so that he/she is fully prepared to assume the position of President in his/her absence. He/She is an ex-officio of all volunteer groups or committees within the organization. The President shall be the principal contact to all outside organizations such as M.Y.S.A. and B.A.Y.S. The President is authorized to sign checks for the organization.

Vice President: In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall be vested with all the powers of the President. In the case of disability, resignation or other long term absence of the President, the Vice President shall assume all duties of the President until the next election or until a special meeting can be called to elect a new President. The Vice President, when directed by the President or the Board, shall be responsible for fund raising in addition to any other special assignments, which from time to time may be given by the president or the board.

Treasurer: The Treasurer, subject to the Board, has general charge of the financial affairs of W.Y.S. This individual shall keep an accurate accounting of the organization's finances and shall, from time to time report to the Board the financial status of the organization. The treasurer is authorized to sign checks for the organization.

Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for taking, compiling and distributing all meeting minutes. In the event of the Secretaries absence from a meeting he/she is charged with responsibility of finding a suitable person to take the minutes. The Secretary will be liaison to other organizations, Media, B.A.Y.S. and M.Y.S.A.

Registrar: The registrar is responsible for ensuring the W.Y.S. complies in a timely manner with all team, player, coach and board member registration requirements of M.Y.S.A. and B.A.Y.S. He/She shall process and submit all registration materials, including team rosters, and pass cards. The registrar is also responsible for organizing, advertising and coordinating player registration. He/She shall maintain on file, a birth certificate for all current B.A.Y.S. registrants and all final B.A.Y.S. team rosters.

Training Director: The Training Director shall do research and report to the Board opportunities for coaches and players to further their training. These shall include but not be limited to tapes, books, seminars and licensing classes. He/She shall organize coaches and player clinics or other organizational programs that can help each become better.

Head Referee: The Head Referee is the official representative for all league matters involving referees. He/She is responsible for the scheduling of referees for all in-town and B.A.Y.S. home games, and overseeing, supervising and critiquing of the referees used for these games. He/She will be responsible for scheduling fields and referees for all make-up games. The Head Referee has the authority to declare a field un-playable within league rules. After such a decision, it is the Head referees responsibility to inform all affected home team coaches.