Selection Process


Coaches Selection Process

How are coaches selected for travel teams?


Coaches are selected ONLY after the all the players are placed on teams. Teams are not built around coaches.  Once a team is formed the WYS Board will review parent volunteers for the children assigned to the team.  If there is more than one Head Coach Volunteer then the WYS Board will vote on the candidates.  If no parents volunteered as Head Coach for the team then an email will be sent to team parents asking for a volunteer.   Players are placed on a team based on the placement process.

For those that coached a team during the past season (fall or spring), as either a head coach, you will generally be given first priority to coach that team, as long as you have registered prior to the registration deadline. Coaches who have obtained soccer licenses will generally be considered over coaches that don’t have these licenses.  Teams can have more than one assistant coach, but as required by the WYS guidelines and BAYS organization, a head coach must be identified

All individuals who would like to be considered for a coaching position MUST volunteer through the player registration process, which is currently handled by the AdminSports application.  After logging in the “Volunteer” button is prominently displayed. 


In accordance with our affiliation with Mass Youth Soccer, WYS requires that all adult volunteers interacting with children must submit to a background check through the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) system. Each coach must also complete the concussion in youth sports training offered by the  CDC.
Who selects the Assistance Coaches ?Head coaches select their assistance coaches for the team they have been chosen to coach.  WYS can forward list of assistant coach volunteers if requested by the head coach to facilitate this decision. All assistant coaches must have a CORI filed with WYS.
What do I need to do to be considered for a head coach position ?Those that previously coached a team with wys as a head coach will be given  priority to coach that team, as long as you have registered prior to the registration deadline. (See factors WYS consider in selecting a head coach) .The first consideration is obviously selecting of a parent(s) of one of the players on the team. From this universe WYS' considering the following factors when selecting a head coach for a team , prior coaching experience for soccer , prior coaching experience for youth teams, soccer coaches licenses obtained (G and F) etc., player and parent feedback , and other information that WYS deems appropriate.
What do I do if I want to be selected to be a coach ?You must register on the WYS site during each registration period in order to be considered for open positions. If you do not register as a volunteer on AdminSports then WYS will not know of your interest in coaching. , Be willing to obtain the F or G soccer license if don’t have already.

WYS cannot exist without the efforts of many, and the volunteer board appreciates the dozens of volunteers that step up every year so thank you.