Travel WYS Uniform Q& A





For questions on Uniform numbers etc , please contact Wendy Purdon at wendy.purdon@verizon.net


The travel uniforms are no longer available during registration process.  The uniforms must be purchased on line via We Got Soccer.  You will need a # assigned by the Uniform coordinator prior to ordering.  Please note that it may take a few weeks to get the uniform so please order the uniform in time for the start of theFall 2014 season.
If your child has a uniform that was worn in Fall 2013/Spring 2014, you are all set.  If you need to order a new size shirt, please continue to use the # that is on the current uniform.
 If your child does not have a uniform for the spring season, please contact the Uniform coordinator, Wendy Purdon, at wendy.purdon@verizon.net for a number.  Please provide the age group that your child name and age group your child will be playing in


Remember to order a full uniform which includes shirt, shorts and socks.  The sizes on the website reference boys but these uniforms are used for both girls and boys.  If you have concerns about a size, Please conatct Wendy. Also, there are other items available for purchase that will have the WYS logo and you can put your child's uniform # on it including jackets , backpacks and pants etc . Please note Your  # will be the same # for your child's WYS travel soccer career. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR WYS JERSEY NUMBER TO ORDER a FULL UNIFORM OR A JERSEY


.Does every travel player need the new uniform to play travel in the Fall?
Yes.  Most referees won’t allow players on the same team to play in different uniforms.

 When do you need to order?
Now. In order to ensure every player has the new uniforms for the start of the Fall 2014, season you will need to order  uniforms on our new webpage.  The  window for ordering closes on July 20th 2014. This is important as WYS will no longer have uniforms in stock ; orders will be placed directly with We Got Soccer and in order to have uniforms in time for the Fall 2014 season, orders must be placed on time.  
 What sizes are available?

The size on the website reference boys but these uniforms are used for both boys and girls


Youth Small
Youth Medium
Youth Large
Adult Small
Adult Medium
Adult Large


What are the benfits of he new Nike Striker Jersey ?

  • Dri-FIT fabric to wick away sweat and help keep you dry and comfortable
  • Rib V-neck with interior taping for a comfortable fit
  • Mesh fabric at back for optimal breathabilit


 Where do I get get uniform numbers ?


Contact Wendy Purdon at wendy.purdon@verizon.net


What is cost of the new uniform before discount  ?





Shirt   $         30.00  $        30.00
Socks   $          8.00  $           8.00
Shorts   $         25.00  $         25.00
Total   $          52.50  $          52.50


 Do you need to order a Full Uniform?
Yes, a full uniform will consist of a Shirt, Shorts and a pair of Socks.   If you would like additional socks, you will need to order them as a separate uniform item.
How do you order?
Click here.
When will you get the uniforms?
The uniforms will be mail directly to your home. You also have the option to pick up at their Foxboro store and save on shipping. They will email you when your order is ready.
What happens if you have an issue with ordering a size? 
Please contact the WYS uniform coordinator,You should  follow up with directly with WeGot Soccer. WYS does not have any inventory. If you need to contact WYS ,  Wendy Purdon is the uniform cordinator, her email is wendy.purdon@verizon.net.  Do NOT go to the We Got Soccer store in Foxboro as the retail outlet is not involved in town uniforms.
What about in town uniforms (shirts) ?  
Shirts for in town teams will be provided as part of registration fee for in town only. WYS will order these shirts and WYS will give to coaches to distribute to the players.
How long will the uniform last ? 
Uniforms will generally last 4 years before a vendor replaces with a new design. You should get at least 4 seasons out of the new uniform before you will need to replace from wear and tear or size issues!
What are other benefits of using WGS as the uniform vendor ? 
WGS is also our clothing/apparel vendor which will allow us to offer you, quality WYS apparel, later this year at the same WGS web site.  More to follow.

What about Shirt numbers?  How do we handle kids’ shirt numbers and do we take request for numbers ?
We do not take requests for numbers and the allocation of numbers is a random process. We need to make sure that no two players on the same team have the same number.  Any issues with numbers will be handled by the coach and the uniform coordinator.  The numbers are coordinated through our uniform coordinator by age group. WYS will ensure that no two players in the same age group have the same shirt numbers.
compensation to offset the cost of the new uniform . Please contact our uniform coordinator Wendy Purdon at wendy.purdon@verizon.net.  and she will be able to help you.