Travel WYS Uniform Q& A

Please refer to the information below regarding 2015 uniforms and apparel.


For U9 Players Only
WYS is excited to use Challenger as our new uniform and apparel provider beginning with Fall 2015 U9 players.
When ordering uniforms, please have your player number ready. All U9 players need the following items: 1 green shirt, 1 white shirt, shorts, and socks.

Click the following link to order U9 uniforms: https://wrenthamys.itemorder.com
For U10, U11 and U12 Players Only
We are riding out the uniforms we are wearing now through the end of the current player's career with WYS. The manufacturer (Nike) has notified us that your current uniforms are going to be discontinued after the 2015 Fall season, therefore, if your daughter or son will be in need of a new uniform, now or in the future, you will need to order them as soon as possible using the phone number below. You will want to buy a uniform that will fit your daughter or son through their U12 season.
To order U10, U11 and U12 uniforms, please call WeGotSoccer at 800-974-4625, customer service is ext 2.



Frequently Asked Questions


Does WYS offer any spiritwear?

Yes! Our new vendor, Challenger, offers a great line of items, including hoodies, t-shirts, backpacks, jackets and pants. These items can be ordered directly from Challenger at https://wrenthamys.itemorder.com (Please remember, the items listed under the "Uniforms" section are for U9 players only.)


Where do I get get uniform numbers? Contact the uniform coordinator at wysuniform@gmail.com


What about Shirt numbers?  How do we handle kids’ shirt numbers and do we take request for numbers?
We do not take requests for numbers and the allocation of numbers is a random process. We need to make sure that no two players on the same team have the same number.  Any issues with numbers will be handled by the coach and the uniform coordinator.  The numbers are coordinated through our uniform coordinator by age group. WYS will ensure that no two players in the same age group have the same shirt numbers.