Player Evaluation Day is Saturday June 18 …Oh my gosh, what should I wear?

This Saturday, June 18, is Player Evaluation Day, rain or shine (and it looks like shine so far).

We often get questions/concerns about evaluations, and experience shows player placements are typically a much larger issue for parents than for the players. Evaluations simply provide us with another data point in addition to coach evaluations to help us place players on the best team for their personal development. We have received valuable feedback in the past and have incorporated it into this year’s process. Click here to check out our FAQs for details about the process.

To help you prepare, here’s the scoop:

Please arrive on time for your scheduled session to sign in and get your tryout jersey. For example, if your timeslot is 8-10 AM, arrive at 8 to sign in. If your timeslot is 12-2, arrive at 12 to sign in.

Player Evaluation Timeslots

Girls entering Grades 5&6:  8:00 –10:00 AM
Boys entering grades 3&4:  9:30-11:30 AM
Girls entering grades 3&4:  12-2 PM
Boys entering grades 5&6:  1:30–3:30 PM

Players should bring:

  • A properly inflated soccer ball
  • Water bottle (with water in it ….you’d be surprised)

Player must wear:

  • Soccer cleats and be appropriately dressed to play soccer (shin guards, socks)
  • A plain t-shirt with NO NUMBERS so that the numbers on their assigned pinnies will be visible. Do not wear your soccer/club jersey.

Find something to do
Player evaluations are a closed session, meaning parents and coaches are not permitted onto the back fields during the evaluations. Only players, evaluators, and nonpartisan WYS board members are permitted. WYS volunteers will assemble each group of players and walk them up to the back fields, and then walk them back down again after the evaluations.

Think of it as our way of giving you 2 ENTIRE hours of free time 😉 Use it wisely.

Uniform information – Important info for players entering Grades 3-6

Challenger is our new uniform provider (as of last Fall). All players entering Grades 3-6 in Fall 2016 will use this new vendor for uniforms. (If you were in Grade 3 last Fall, you have the correct uniform.) Sample uniforms will be on hand to help you decide what size to order.

We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces on Saturday.